Warming up to e-Books

Most of you are aware of my tryst with my first e-book and how intriguing it was for me. It was indeed an experience that got me exploring the industry further and before I knew, I had downloaded all kinds of e-readers on to my iPhone (not sure why I downloaded so many!) and also the complementary e-books with them.

I spent my whole last week reading them and felt strangely empowered. You know the feeling of having a book in your hand and the time in the world to finish it without even having to bother about food? I felt that last week. May be the books that I read were so good that it left me with this wonderful feeling. Either way, I spent a lot of time researching about e-books. What e-books can do for us readers and authors in particular?

The internet seemed ripe with lots of news especially with Amazon releasing Kindle Fire (looks amazing BTW). Here are few things that I feel are worthy of notice:

1. e-Books or Digital Books Are Cool: Yes, I finally agree to this. I still don't think it can match the feel of my good, old hard cover of my favorite novels, but it is definitely cool. Why? Because it is convenient. It is easy to access and most of all, lets me read whenever and wherever I want without worrying about a heavy backpack. Oh and it is also cool.

2. Print Books Have A Long Way To Go: Yes, they do. No, they are not going to disappear. Not so soon anyway. Not when e-book sales cover only about 10-15% of the total sales. Not every one reads on PC or tablets. They are many who love to read printed books. The list not only includes just the ones who like to read printed books. There are many who do not have a choice. e-Readers and e-books are popular only around technologically developed regions like America. But what about the ones that aren't? They still read printed books, right?

3. e-Books Are Great For Authors: This goes for both published and unpublished authors. For both traditional and indie authors. Especially to an indie author as it is lighter on pocket. With e-books, it is easier than ever before for a writer to reach his/her readers. Click and send. That easy. e-Books have also opened up incredible avenues to get published. With their rising popularity, an aspiring author(or other wise) who is not hung up on $$$ and really wants to go out there with his/her book to build a base have a great opportunity to do so with an e-book.

The whole research on e-books gave me a lot to think. About books and publishing in general. But what really dominated all through out is the unlimited potential in this digital revolution in the world of publishing. And also the fact that, no matter what package it comes in, a good book would always sell. Amen! :)


  1. Sometimes it seems to me that we live in a country of extremes (the US). eBooks don't replace paper books, they are simply a different delivery system to get the product to the consumer.

    It's not an "either or" thing - paper books and eBook can co-exist peacefully.


  2. I like the way you look at it. I have been struggling to keep up with all the articles telling me how print books would die! :(

  3. I honestly thought e-book sales were higher than that. But then again, while I love reading on my Kindle, I hate reading on my laptop or PC, well not a book at least. I'm glad print copies will be around for a lot time yet. Book collectors like me still really enjoy our hardcovers. :)

    Amen, indeed!

  4. I'm definitely a person who prefers printed books to e-books, and I'm SO glad that there aren't going to up an disappear on us! I don't know what it is, but I just like to have the actual book in my hands (which is what eats up all my money LOL!). It's true that e-books are cheaper for both readers and publishers, but I'm still a hardcover girl. :)

    Plus, there's the fact that I don't have an e-reader and my computer time is limited... x)

    Awesome post!

  5. Missie - exactly! I often wonder how will collect books and showcase it...hehe...I am such a show off in that case! :D

    Mimi - Thanks Mimi. I cannot agree with you more on the spending part. I just cannot resist a good, shiny hardcover!

  6. I've not jumped on board with e-books physically, but mentally, I totally agree! A book is great in ANY form.

  7. Peggy - Yep! And when you need it too soon, ebooks come handy!


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