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Inkspell Publishng Free Reads Week!

Have you checked out Inkspell Publishing's free reads this week? We are giving away free superb short stories of some of our authors. Here is a quick blurb as to what each story is about.

On March 12th, you can read Forever Yours by Shilpa Mudiganti, the author of contemporary romance novella Always You. In Forever Yours, main character Amelia loves Aaron, her fiancĂ©. But she also loves Damon. Can one be in love with two men at the same time? How do you define infidelity? Or fidelity? On March 13th, InkSpell releases Love, Lies and other Disasters, a contemporary romance short story by Cecilia Robert, the author of Truly, Madly, Deeply You. In Love, Lies and other Disasters, the one person Celina fought so hard to get over five years ago is back, and has kidnapped her. He says he wants a second chance to prove his love. Will she allow him to glide back into her life and heart? On March 14th, you can read Beyond The Hidden Gate by Debbie Peterson, the author of paranormal romance …

Always You - My book Is Released!

Yay!! I know I am so selfish. After a month or more of writing nothing, I am writing again to announce my book release. Wee...seriously so selfish!

But my dear friends, I promise I have been a good, hard working girl to ensure that this book reaches this day. After an year of finishing the book, two publication houses and one fabulous journey to publication, I could finally face this day with pride. My small, little book Always You, a story of love, prejudice and forgiveness saw the light of the day. It has a very funny story behind it. It took me 4 Harlequin Mills & Boon books over a long weekend to motivate me to write it. I was so inspired after all the estrogen-filled books, that I knew I had to write one. I wrote one but never thought will publish it. After all, its romance and it has steamy scenes! What if my mom reads it? :O

Well, she did and she did not faint. :p

Today after a month long blog tour already where so many wonderful, dedicated book bloggers took the time to r…