Editing Woes: First ever snippet of "Always You"

My weekend was spent editing. So much of editing and all that I could do was worry. Worry if anyone would like my book. Worry if it is worth putting out there for readers. Worry if I have given my best.

It also brought with it a hope that it will be better.

As I worked through the chapters, there was one particular part that got me all teary. I wanted to share with you all a snippet of my upcoming novel - Memories Rustle. It might not be the next bestseller, but it is special to me. I hope you enjoy this. And later, when the time comes, I hope you would also join Lyla's journey down the memory lane.

He stood in front of her resigned, taking in the lovely face he had hurt deeply. He watched as another big tear rolled down her cheek, leaving a trail of gleam on her smooth skin. He instinctively caught the tear midway with his thumb and first finger. Lyla shivered lightly with shock under his touch. She did not stop him when he came closer, feeling his body touching hers. She ached to put her head on his chest and cry, begging him to undo everything and take her back to the lovely nights of their past. Alex put his hands lightly on her neck, touching the soft skin. By all means, Lyla should have walked away, jilted by his touch. Yet she stood there riveted watching the intensity of love in his eyes. He bent over her face and Lyla's lips parted in accord but his lips touched the tears on her cheek, kissing them, hoping to take away her pain with him. He continued kissing all her tears away, moving along her jaw line, to her ears, up her cheekbones and finally resting on her tired, closed eyes. Her tears rolled faster and small sobs shook the small body of Lyla, hurting within for Alex, for her inability to accept the man who she now knows she is irrevocably in love with. 
Update: Memories Rustle is renamed to Always You. You can find more details of the book at this blog post.  


  1. Shilpa, it's beautiful...Rarely you read something which touches your heart...I wish it's a best seller and believe me it's worth reading :)

    A future buyer of your book:)


  2. Thank you Saru! I am so excited you liked it and wow, you would buy my book too! :D Thank you so much!

  3. Oh my gosh, WOW. That snippet was beautiful. Touching. So, so sweet. I swear I was a little teary-eyed at the end of it!

    You're such an awesome writer, Shilpa! I"m definitely going to read your book when it comes out! :)

  4. I am also in queue Shilpa!!.....sounds ultra-romantic!!! .....Write it soon Gal!!!..

  5. Awesome excerpt! I will be another reader of your book when it comes out!

  6. Mimi, Maheswary, & Riya - This is so so encouraging! Thank you so much! LIke I said, this is my favorite scene and I so acutely feel Lyla's conflict. I hope you all would be happy with the rest of the book as well. Fingers crossed!

  7. Hi Shilpa, this is so beautiful!! Shivers.. and in a good way.

  8. That excerpt was SO BEAUTIFUL! Based on this, I'd say the revising is coming along fabulously.

  9. @Cece - thank you! :)

    @Peggy - thank you! I definitely hope so! hehe...

  10. Shilpa, it is so totally worth it to put yourself out there. I know how the worry of 'did I do my best' can consume, but it can also fuel, and it seems like you are letting it do just that. Bravo.

    And that snippet was truly beautiful. I'm so curious about the circumstances surround that scene.

  11. @Missie - Thank you! You have always been an inspiration for me. Be curious. I will definitely send you a copy once its released! :)


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