If You Can Have Three Powers From Your Fav Books!

Yesterday I was frantically searching for an important document that I swear I stored it "safely" but failed to find it. Don't ask me how many times I caught myself wishing I cast the spell - "Accio!" (Please don't tell me you don't recognize this spell from Harry Potter! :D) LOL! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have such convenient powers with us to deal with such crisis? I think so and would love to have some.

So that got me thinking. If I can have three super powers from all the fantasy novels that I have read, what would it be?

1. Accio! (Courtesy Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling)

Yes, I lose a lot of things. I misplace them ALL the time because I always store them too "safely"!! So, finding those safely stored things without breaking in to a sweat would be such a huge relief! Oh, and I also not have to walk to my TV to get the remote. :P

2. Vampiric food habits (Courtesy Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Insatiable, etc)

 Oh don't get me wrong. I do not like to eat or kill humans. I am a vegetarian! I do not eat meat at all. But though I like eating tasty food, I eat because I have to. It is a chore for me. Has always been. Especially when I am reading a book. The few moments that I have to spend away from a book because I have to cook or eat food frustrates me to no extent! Those are the moments I wish I could have ready-made, easy to eat food. Just like vampire food. All they have to do is sink in their teeth and suck abundantly available food! WOW! No effort too because their food is always willing to be eaten - uncooked. Sounds grossBut look at the advantages!

3. Puck's ability to turn sticks in to duplicates (Courtesy: Iron Fey Series By Julie Kagawa)

I love that and I need that! I so want to be at multiple places at the same time. Why? Because there are multiple things I want to do at the same time. For example, being at work (which I love) while writing my heart out while reading fabulous books?! Puck could do that! and its so cool! :D

What do you wish for? Which superpower you would love to have??


  1. I wish I thought of food as a chore I didn't want to do instead of an addiction I do all the time. LOL

    But I know that feeling of having to stop reading to cook something. I hate that.

    Awesome pick of powers. I wouldn't mind any of those. I'd also like the ability to teleport. Yes, I'm that lazy.

  2. Missie - LOL!that would be a good thing too! :D and you know what, even if I eat food as a chore, apparently I am eating enough to grow horizontly every day!! :D

  3. LOLOLOL! This post made me laugh -- it's so awesome!

    You're a vegetarian? That's so awesome! I've always wanted to try cutting off on meat because I'm really big about environmental stuff (which I guess makes me kind of hypocritical since I love printed books LOL). But I don't think I could handle not eating meat for long! x)

    Those would all be so cool to have as powers! :) Especially the Puck thing -- what I wouldn't give to have a clone do my school work for me!

  4. Missie - haha...school work huh! That's cheating! :D My husband eats meat and I know what you would go through if you abstain at all!

  5. Hi Shilpa,
    Your post makes me smile...
    For me it will be "Reparo" not for my glasses but for all the kitchen stuffs that I'm able to broke...I'm a walking disaster!

    It will be great to have a flying broom too espacially when I'm stuck in the metro!


  6. Lucie - Hahaha...isn't it weird how things always seem to fall off our hands?! I have the same problem too..hand-eye coordination...hehe! I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Welcome to my blog! :)


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