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Book Excerpt: Hollywood Holiday by Sasha Summers

Do you have one of those days when nothing seems right and all you want to do is just curl up with a book that will make you forget your woes and give back nothing but sweet love? Yeah, I have those too and when I do have them, there are very few books I turn to. One of them and of late, quite often, are books by Sasha Summers. I feel very proud that Inkspell Publishing chose to publish her. I enjoy her romance books like no other. She makes me want to dream and I think thats the hallmark of a good author.

So, Inkspell Publishing has contracted her for her Red Carpet Series and I am so pleased to share a book excerpt from her the book 2, appropriately named "Hollywood Holiday". Its a Christmas treat that no romance fiction lover should miss! :)

“My name’s Gunner.” His arm tightened a little. His hand rested on my back, warm and solid.“Gunner Foster.”“Gunner?” I didn’t look up or open my eyes, but murmured against him, “I’m Jenny.”I drew in a deep breath. He smelled as good a…

Breaking Dawn 2 - Movie review

I promised my husband we won't watch it on the first day as I usually do with a Twilight movie. I know its full of bad acting, cringe-worthy moments that make me squirm in my seat through out the movie yet, I watch it in the theatre. I guess it is the strong urge to feel the same sense of unbridled happiness the book tore from me. Each and every movie failed me and Breaking Dawn 1 was the highlight of all. I actually considered walking away after 15 minutes of the start of that movie.

And hence, I assured my husband that I would not make him wait in the queue, amongst the raging teenage hormones only to watch the dismal, teeth-clenching acting from the actors whose only claim to fame is to be associated with this franchise.

However, the undecided fan that I am, on the very second day of the release, I asked my husband if we can watch Breaking Dawn - part 2, he readily agreed. I suspect he saw the desperate need for closure with this series in me and the fact that it was the last …