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Behind the Veil: My Experience with Hijab By Pavarti Tyler

Hello all,
I have a very special friend today, Pavarti Tyler on my blog. She is fun, thoughtful and very talented when it comes to books. Have you heard of her latest book, Shadow On The Wall? Quite an unusual story bordering on controversy. But well, isn't it time to remove the red-tinted glasses and try another view?
Pavarti is here today with a small experience of her own. Please join me welcoming her to my blog!

Hijab is the headscarf some Muslim women wear.  There is great debate over the need, use and appropriateness of the hijab, which has fueled cultural debate and conflict.  In Islam there is a cultural practice of covering a woman’s hair and neck, this is considered modest dress and the roots of the practice are based in the Qu’ran.  There are multiple surahs (verses) and hadiths (oral histories) which are used to explain the need for men and women to dress modestly.
The specifics of what needs to be covered is controversial.  Some say only the hair must be covered, oth…