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"I'm not famous; it's the book. The book is what's going to be sitting on the shelf, and that's what I want people to see." - Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorite authors. Her books are laced with magic that is quite different from regular fantasy. They are more like fairy tales. One would agree if you see her collection of books. It includes:

PS I Love You
If You Could See Me Now
A Place Called Here
Where Rainbows End
The Gift
The Book Of Tomorrow
Thanks For The Memories

She wrote her first book, PS I Love You which is also a major motion picture at the age of 21. It is said that she finished writing the book in just three months. This book has also been shortlisted for the Irish Book of the Decade award. She is Irish and all her books are based out of Ireland which is a treat in itself for she introduces to the beautiful country in her own unique way.

She is also the co-creator and producer of the comedy television show "Samantha Who". She also contributes short stories to various anthologies. The inspiring part of it is all her royalties from her short stories go to charities.

She has a degree in Journalism and Media Communication and is currently living in Dublin with her athelete-turned-actor boyfriend David Keoghan.  Know more about her from her website:

Did You Know?

PS I Love You was on the best seller list of Germany for over a whopping 52 weeks.


  1. I was not aware of her, will search for her books...And the fact would force me to go to library today...

  2. You should read them Saru. They are magical. You should first read PS I love you. My personal favorite is "If you could see me now" and "If Rainbows End"! :)

  3. *kicks self*

    Okay, why have I not read anything by this author? I loved Samantha Who. It was a great show.

    I'll have to see if I can check out any of her other books soon. :)

  4. You should. I thought everyone has heard of "PS I love you"! You should read it with a bucket next to you. At least I cried a bucket load when I read it! Very touching! :D


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