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Vampire: synonym: Damon Salvatore

This is my post for "Halloween Sucks, says Lily Drake" blog hop. All we need to do is write about vampires and that is my favorite topic in the world!

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Vampire: synonym: Damon Salvatore
None of my chats about vampires and vampire fiction go without mentioning Damon Salvatore. In fact, that is all I talk about when it comes to vampires. How can some one talk about anything else when we have Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder roaming shirtless around AND without sparkling?

So, why am I so hung up on Damon aka Ian? First, the book. The original vampire diaries book series by author LJ Smith got interesting to me the moment Damon stepped in. I have a thing for bad boys like many of you have. Like a lot others here, I cannot resist a challenge of turning a bad boy in to a good one (tho…