Snowstorm, NaNoWriMo and My Throbbing Toe!

A lot of you must have observed that I haven't really posted much in the last couple of weeks. I have been caught up in lot of things at once and I am so lucky and grateful that I had some wonderful authors and books to keep you all entertained. But in spite of all the work I had, I have missed blogging.

I missed blogging terribly because it is a wonderful way I get to share my thoughts and writing with you all. Add to it the fact that I haven't had much time to read as well. It was, in short, a dry spell in my life. Below are just a few things that got me off the blog:

1. Snowstorm in NJ - This has the biggest impact on my online life. We did not have power till this wednesday and it affected a lot in terms of my writing and blogging. It sucked but I am glad everything is back to normal now. My first snow fall indeed became quite memorable. Pun intended!

2. NaNoWriMo - Despite my decision to not participate, I ended up participating. This can be owed to a brainstorm I had on 31st Oct about a wonderful story that I am writing now and thought NaNoWriMo would be a good way to finish writing it. I am glad I joined the challenge the very same day. My aim is not to touch 50K words in a month. It is to complete this story which might as well be just 30K. Either way, I win! The novel is tentatively named "Painting Ethan" and I intend to keep it so.  I love the name Ethan. I hope once it is done, a lot of you would enjoy it. I am enjoying writing it.

3. I hurt my toe! - Yes, I did. Mac almost broke my toe when it decided to slip from hands and grace my toe. Seriously, I did not drop it. It slipped! It hurt pretty bad and I was mostly sleeping due to the pain killers. They made me super drowsy. It is better now and I finally get to go to work as well. But guess what, I cannot wear shoes! It still hurts to wear a shoe. I would have to wear open toe slippers to office. *cringe*

These are just a few things that got me off blogging. But there are few good things that have happened too.

1. I am on twitter now! - Did you notice the new blue button I put below my profile? Click on that you can follow me on twitter. My user name is @shilpammirza. I am learning the ways but I found its fun. So many wonderful people to connect with.

2. My article on Bent Pine Publishing - Award winning author Bette Lee Crosby liked one of my blog posts and she asked if she could republish it. Of course, I was super delighted. It was truly an honor. She has published the article on their Publishing company website - Bent Pine Publishing. This is the link to it : . Please go over and give it a look.

3. Painting Ethan - I am very excited about this story. It is a beautiful love story between a painter and content writer. I hope it comes as beautiful as I see it in my mind.

That is all for today. I intend to write more often now. Hope things are smoother now! Thank you for visiting my site and encouraging me though I haven't been able to do so myself. 


  1. Lot of things at happening at your end. Congratulations on the article.:) And I will check you on twitter...I just moved to NYC, looking for something to live either in NYC or Jersey City. Hope we can catch up sometime...:)

  2. Thank you Saru! Oh...we can definitely catch up. I work at Broadway, NYC. It would great to finally meet you. :) Let me know when you settle down.

  3. Hi Shilpa :)

    All the very best for NaNoWriMo :) Would love to read Painting Ethan once you finish. When is your novella coming out? Eagerly waiting for it :)

    Read your article on Bent Pine. Nice one :) Btw..why such a serious pic? You have a lovely smile gurl! Put up the smile!


  4. Hehe...thank you. I am waiting for my novella too. The publishing date is not yet set. So glad you want to read it! :)
    Thanks for reading the article. I wil have to do something about the pic. You are the third person to tell me the pic is too serious! :D

  5. Nice Article Shilpa. Where do you work here?
    And let me be the fourth person to tell you have a very beautiful smile, why put up this serious pic? :)

  6. Hey Shilpa, I loved reading this, as everything else you post on the blog, though I'm sorry about the toe. Yeah, I echo Sudeshna's question, why put up the serious pic? *smile*

  7. @Sudeshna - Thanks! :) I will try to get a smiling one but i really liked this one. Hehe...I work at AOL in NYC. How's your diet cooking? I can now call you lovely cook!

    @Cece - Thank you!:) 5th person! lol...

  8. My blog is about the SCD(Specific Carbohydrate Diet)Diet. It is a therapeutic diet for people with various digestive issues :) You can call it kind of diet cooking though :) LOL. Less of carbs, more of fiber and proteins. Have developed an intense love for food and cooking in the past few years :)

  9. Why that diet? Yes, I can definitely see your love for cooking. The images are very professional. Did you click them and photoshop??

  10. I have been on that diet for 6-7 months now and have benefited immensely. Sanchayita is also on the diet because she has similar digestive issues..we are healing without popping in a single pill :). No Shilpa, no photoshop. I have a good camera.When is your Novel coming out? cant wait to get my copy :)

  11. Without a single pill? That is wonderful! Wish I could cook like you. :) I think you have a very good camera because seriously, the photos look very professional. Congratulations! Oh, my novel's release is scheduled march 2012 as of now. :) It is getting edited and they want to release it during or around Valentine. Hehe...Feel so good that you are excited! Thank you. It means a lot!

  12. My Hubby loves books and I too love reading, our interests are a little different though...It will go in our collection as my college mate's first Novel :)

  13. so sweet! :) give me your email id..i will mail you..


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