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Monday Marketing Tips: Is Facebook Answer To Higher Book Sales?

Which is the best way to promote your book? Is it Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Blog? Letters to readers? Or just writing the best book you can and then leave it all to the publisher? If you are an author, I am sure you have spent countless hours figuring out an answer to this.

While I agree that social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have helped increase book sales, what is it that really works? Does mentioning your book ten times in a day on Facebook to the same set of people pushes your book sales? Or is it the hashtag used by thousand tweeples make a difference? Why exactly do you, as an author follow these practices of promotion in the first place? Is a Facebook account an answer to all your book promotion problem?

No. One has to realize that social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are just that - channels. They do not push sales. The real sales for your book always comes due to one simple reason - word of mouth. It has always been the same. Some one read your b…

Book Marketing Tips You Cannot Miss!

I love new book marketing tips simply because it is the single most important thing that will sell your book. Sure, your book is very well written but if people do not know about it, its not worth much. Therefore, I am thrilled that fellow author and dear friend Darian Wilk, whose debut book broke the top 100 Amazon chart too, is here to share some of the precious gems. If I were you, I would give full attention because advice from the experienced is the best! :)   Oh and btw, please do not miss her latest romance novel, Reinventing Clare!   Over to you Darian!
For any published author, either self or traditionally, marketing your work is not only an essential part of your books success – but probably one of the most intimidating tasks we face.  I am no expert on the matter, nor do I claim to be one.  But I’ve had my share of successes; including being a top 100 on Amazon contender a few times, and roughly doubling the typical first year sales of an Indie author.  Not bad for a first…