My weekend dilemma - ebook or print?

I know it is now 19th century to debate about printed vs ebooks but guess I am from 19th century for I just can't let go of the printed book. I dearly love the shiny covers, the not-so-fine paper and the printed word. Somehow I feel the worth of the book only after I feel its weight in my hands. As if the same book is an ebook, the author did not work as hard which is ridiculous but that is how I feel.

So, this weekend I was faced with a very uncommon problem. The urge to read. No not a simple urge. That would be common. It was the strong, unavoidable pull to a book. I had to read a book, a romance novel and specifically a Mills and Boons (yeah I read them and I am not hiding it! They are a good break from the heavy stuff! :)). So, I scoured through my collection which isn't much due to my recent move from India and sat disappointed that I had none. Then I looked at my husband like a hopeful puppy for a quick trip to the bookstore, but he didn't buy it as he was working! Therefore, poor me settled to googling about M&B authors and reading previews of their books to assuage some part of my craving. Guess what, that's what I should have avoided doing!

As I flipped through (electronically!) the preview pages, I just couldn't let it go. I wanted to read the whole book and when the preview was over, all that I could see was the blinking price of the book at the left corner coaxing me to buy it and read it immediately! Yeah, that was the lure. No need of any trips to bookstore. Just click, pay and download and lo! you can start reading right away. Exactly what I wanted! I swear I did at least twenty rounds to the buy button with my cursor before I gave it up.

In spite of every small lecture I gave against ebooks to my friends; In spite of the proud badge I put up on my blog (I have to remove it now I guess), I clicked on buy and bought my first ebook. That a M&B book would do this to me, I had never dreamed. I downloaded it and devoured it in 3 hrs (they are small books anyway) and it cost me so less too!

I know I am talking like a ebook supporter but really, this weekend, I saved a trip to bookstore (thereby contributing to a green environment). I saved money (thereby contributing to our family savings). I got instant gratification (thereby fulfilling my duty towards my book cravings)! So, should I convert to an ebook reader from a printed one??

I don't know at this stage. It definitely has its advantages but can I really forget the wonderful feel of printed books in my hand? Can I? I guess no. I really love them and whenever possible I would buy them and fill up my bookshelf. I think during moments like this weekend is when I would buy an ebook. I would continue with my pledge with printed books. At least as long as they live.

Are you a printed or an ebook reader? and for my writer friends, do you prefer to have your book published as an ebook? 


  1. A very interesting post on a dilemma every reader is going to face soon. Change is inevitable and it looks like ebooks are going edge out the printed books, purely on commercial reasons, as new technology replaces older technology.
    Till then:
    For relaxed reading - a paper book
    For hurried reading - an ebook.

  2. I like printed books especially because I like to lie down in the bed and read. Of course there are slim gadgets in which you can read ebooks. Still printed books are printed books.

  3. @Vikram - I think so too. Kindle and now iPad have accelerated the adaption to ebooks. Which is ok as long people are reading. An ebook is definitely great for hurried reading. Glad you found the post interesting!

    @Hariharam - Printed books are the best! Reading in bed is a therapy in itself, dont you think? :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I can't read e-books. I love books, the smell, the weight and I flaunt books as an accessory. But, people love e books, kindle is the 'in'thing these days. But, whatever, you choose, reading is a good habit...

  5. I'm definitely more of a printed books kind of girl! Even though a book is usually cheaper in e-format, I like to actually have the book in my hands. :)

    But I can understand why some people would prefer e-books because they're much more portable!

  6. E-books are the wave of the future and a wonderful way to read. They have so many advantages over a real book: built in dictionaries, ability to highlight passages and make notes, text to speech features, portability and the ability to increase the text size (for those with aging eyes.).

    Yes, I do love the look and feel of a real book. But books take up space, kill trees and are generally more expensive to buy and produce. I'd say e-books all the way!

  7. @Saru - I know! There is something about the printed books that is so warm. Kindle and other ereaders are definitely the "in" thing and I am guessing they are here to stay.

    @Mimi - yes, portable is one more advantage of ebooks. I miss my book collection back home. All that I could carry to my new place is hardly 3-4 books which is a shame. If only I had an ereader then!

    @Gina - You love ebooks, isnt it? I agree with all the advantages and it is definitely the future. In fact my experience with my first ebook has been positive. I liked the fact that I can transfer it to my iphone and read again. So, I think I am going to try again sometime soon. What ereader do you use?

  8. LOL, Shilpa! Your story is too cute. I had a really hard time agreeing to get a Kindle and try e-books at first, too, but now I can't imagine my life without it. It's so much easier to carry around than a book so it's always in my bag. Plus my bookshelves were getting a little crazy!

    No, e-books will never replace the feel of printed books in your hands, but they are awfully convenient.

  9. Hehe...I am glad to hear that you have started enjoying your ebooks. Makes me feel so much better! It doesn't have to be as bad as I feared it would be. I might try couple more sometime next week. But think about it - I might end up buying more now because they are so accessible! ha!

  10. I am going through the same an avid reader, i prefer books. But as a traveler, the light weight kindle with hundreds of e books attracts me. Thanks to this confusion, i end up buying both books and e books.

  11. Haha..I suspect I would end the same way for the time being - till I choose one over another!
    Welcome to my blog, Disha!

  12. I love paper books, and I always will. But I am not turned off by ebooks. I don't have an ereader yet, but will be getting one soon. I sometimes have a problem with the big heavy books, and so I'm looking forward to a nice slim kindle. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  13. @Angela - Funnily, the fatter and heavier the book, the more excited I get about reading it. LOL! But then yeah it is a pain to carry it around. eReaders definitely solve that and I am also hoping to buy one soon! So excited! :)


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