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Cover Reveal! - Reinventing Claire by Darian Wilk

I love cover reveals! The first sneak peak to the beautiful book that it can be. I am so excited to be part of the cover reveal of the next contemporary romance novel, Reinventing Claire by my dear friend Darian Wilk. I adore the cover. The colors, and the whole theme relaxes me and makes me curious to know how Claire re-invented herself. And if her first book (Love Unfinished. My review here.) was any indication, this book may well be the next romance must-read novel!
And now, ta-da!! What do you think?

Claire has no choice but to take on the title of Divorced Woman, and face the question she has no idea how to answer. Who is Claire without Charlie? Her family believes her newly divorced woes can be cured by jumping back into the dating scene – and landing herself a boyfriend. With her dating dunce cap in hand, Claire stumbles her way through the foreign territory of online dating.

A teacher from hell, a stalker, and a softball coach later, Claire proclaims herself the dating idiot s…

Lessons from BEA 2012

Book Expo America 2012, the largest book convention in North America was concluded this thursday. Though I had the pass for 4 days, I ended up attending only one day. And that day I realized, how much did I miss.
To say BEA was huge would be an understatement. I had one full day there and yet covered only about half the floor. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't able to attend any of the educational sessions that I so wanted to. It was enormous and was sheer madness. Never had I seen so many books and authors together at one place. 
Sharing here are some of the lessons that I learnt as both a publisher and an author:
BEA is huge. Look before you leap.           BEA might look very attractive to set up a booth for publishers (and for multi-published authors. See, I am specifically pointing out to multi-published. A booth is not for a single book author.) but it is a monster. Having a booth at BEA is not just about reserving the space. It is about location of the booth, display st…