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Washington DC Trip - Clicks to Remember

Last week I embarked upon my first trip in US - a bus tour to Washington DC. A friend of mine invited to join him and his wife on this trip and I am very thankful for it. It was fun and quite informative for me, a person who wasn't very excited about this country. Now, I can appreciate their history and feel much more comfortable with my surroundings.

On this particular tour, we visited Princeton University, Philadelphia (Freedom Bell and others), Washington DC (All memorials, White House and US Capitol Hill) and Baltimore (Korean War Memorial). For a 2 day tour, this was a pretty tight itinerary. I intend to visit each of these places in leisure some day. The highlights of this tour for me was Philadelphia, Capitol Hill and Air and Space Museum. There are several clicks that I took and would like to share. But this post is for only those that are closest to my heart.


Washington DC:

Capitol Hill:

Air and Space Museum: The below clicks are from World War 2 which was a sig…

Inspired Cooking!

It is ridiculous that I am so ridiculously excited about this....but oh wait! I know why I am so insanely excited. It is because I just cooked my first original dish in my whole life! Yeah, you can frown, roll your eyes and get annoyed that I wasted precious minutes of your life, but hey, this is my time under the sun. And guess what, i even clicked pictures of it (yeah, I am THAT excited!) :p

Ok, so now that I have made it, I have decided to do namkaran for it. This dish would henceforth be called, Healthy Tikha Khatta Gobi! You ask why? Because it is tikha (spicy) and khatta (sour) and of course, very healthy because it has carrots, and matar.

A very satisfying and momentous day for me. I think I am ready to enter the world of cooking now. World famous chefs - go take a hike! Ok. Not right away. But soon. As of now, Ashik needs to taste it. God bless him! :p

Making Bookmarks At Home!

A little craft at home hurts no one...especially if you are alone! :)

So I made a bookmark!

This is the front of the bookmark. You can declare you are the owner of the book with it.

This is the other side/back side of the book. You can list "My All Time Hits" here. sweetie! :p
Pretty simple one and very easy to make. But it helped me refresh in no time. I have many more ideas now and I hope I can try them out soon!

The Man With The Pamphlets

As our car drove in to the parking lot, I saw him for the first time. He did not look any different to me from far. A neatly dressed man giving out restaurant pamphlets. I did not bother giving it a second thought. I was too occupied with enjoying every bit of my time with Ashik after a crazy week of work (for him, that is). And then I was about to watch Harry Potter later in the evening. So, there was nothing that could spoil it. I happily stood with Ashik while he was buying the parking coupon and was smiling my way through the night when I saw him again. This time my heart leaped out of my body at the sight. He was no regular college kid giving out pamphlets to earn some extra bucks. The man standing in front of me distributing pamphlets was an old man with shaky hands and a kind smile. If I would say tears swam in my eyes at that sight, I wouldn't be exaggerating. Nevertheless, like every other time when I turn my face away from such heart-piercing sights convincing myself tha…

Harry Potter Saga and My Childhood

I cannot help but write this post about my favourite book that saw its end on the seventy mm screen this july 15th. It was the Harry Potter franchise and oh, how many of us can vouch that their childhood ended with this screening! While the credits rolled on the screen, I could feel the taste of childhood nostalgia within me. The first snigger at people readng Harry potter books, then the amusing curiosity to know what is it all about. Followed by the curiosity was the fascination with the magic, closely matched by the temptation to indulge in more. The final result was just pure joy and love for the characters and books that never fail to enthuse me. I am sure this has been the story of many others in my age group.

Today when I sat in  the theater to watch this movie, I was not surrounded by giggling teenagers. I was with people who grew up with Harry Potter and had come to show their love for him. They were of my age - both girls and boys. They laughed, sighed and cried at every touc…

Quoting the quote

I do not usually do this but the below quote is from my favourite blog and I just had to share it. Before you wonder more about all of it which is below, let me introduce you to Book Swept. The blog is about outstanding lines from fiction novels accompanied by striking photos that tell the same thing in their own way. I just love the thought-provoking, touching lines that they pluck out from books long-forgotten. Every day when I log in to my blogger account, I check the updates on this blog. Simply put, it makes my day.
Today, when I looked it up to get the latest of their posts, I was overwhelmed to find a cluster of few lines which pretty much summarizes my feeling on this subject. Read it and enjoy!

Book Swept: White Oleander: "'If evil means to be self-motivated, to be the center of one's own universe, to live on one's own terms, then every artist, every thinker, ..."

Random Pics

The key to happiness is freedom, and the key to freedom is courage —Anonymous

American Dreams...

All of us can sense change. Some subtly while few others strongly. If I have to explain how I see change, then I would say I witness it as a third person. It has always happened. My first crush. My first board exam. High School. First Love. Second Love (!). First book. First Struggle. First rebellion. First Job. First Jeans. First Fight. First marriage (lol!).

I saw it happen. Like a third person. Watching from the sidelines. Many of you might feel the same way too and I know I do. It is immensely helpful like you don't feel affected too much. That's good. It helps you not rot in the same path through out your life. It prevents you from being comfy in whatever you are doing. That reminds me I am out looking for a really comfy sofa and I am so confused with the choice I have!

Anyway, coming back to original point. So, I am witnessing another change in my life. A major change if I might add that has the potential to provide a significant diversion from the path I am on now. I mo…