New York Skyline - What Authors Can Learn From It

By Andre Gunther at

Every evening while I return from work, I deliberately take the seat on the right side of the bus. Because that means I can see the unobstructed view of the glittering New York skyline. If you have ever seen it at night in its glorious sparkling costume, you would know what it looks like. Photographer Andre Gunther captured it in the image above but trust me, seeing it with naked eyes is much more magical.

Seeing the sparkling, tall and proud skyline means a lot to me. Its beautiful and inspiring. Everything that a writer would want his book to be. I look at it and think of the success that is possible.

It signifies the fundamental rule of nature. Think, innovate, persevere and collaborate - and you have your masterpiece. As a writer, that is essential. It can get you closer to your masterpiece. Remember it need not be a masterpiece for everyone. It needs to be your masterpiece. Your skyline.

That is what the inspiring skyline does to me. Yet we ought to remember that the skyline did not come up on us overnight. It took years to build it. One building at a time.

As an author, your success, however you define it, would come one word at a time. One book at a time. Do not expect it overnight. Not with so many talented people around you. But it would come if you continue to innovate, write better, persevere and help others in the journey. There is no success worth the salt if you have no one else to celebrate it with. Just like the skyline. A single building on the horizon would not have made the heads turn. It is the whole group of it that makes it magical.

That's lesson for me from the New York Skyline, the symbol of success in the world. What is yours?


  1. Truly inspiring post there Shilpa. I've always wanted to go to New York, i'm sure i will some day.
    Cliche, corney- but laughter inspires me. Nothing quite like it.

    I wrote back to your comment on my page by the way, sorry it's a late i've been working on something all day xo

  2. Thank you TToria! I hope you do visit this landmark. One should to feel its awe! :) I am going to hop over to check your reply! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow, that was such an inspiring post! :) I've always wanted to see the city lights of New York and you're so lucky to live surrounded by them!

    You're definitely right when you say that it usually takes more than one book to gain as big a popularity as someone like Cassie Clare or Stephanie Meyer (and even that's hard to accomplish!). It's not instantaneous. I'm working on writing my own book right now and I'm not expecting fame like them -- I just want someone to read my book and enjoy it, you know? :)

    Awesome post, Shilpa! I think I'm going to stare at the wall wistfully for a while now and think about that LOL!

  4. I love how you used the analogy of the New York skyline to writing. It gives us authors a proper perspective on how to produce novels that can dazzle readers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mimi - LOL! dreaming big is a step closer to fulfill them! :) All the best with the book Mimi! I would love to see it published!

    Geraldine - You are welcome Geraldine! I hope we do produce such novels! :)


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