Who Writes Your Novel? -- You Or Your Character?

If you are writing a novel, you would know exactly what I am talking about. Writing is a solitary job with the only companions being our lovely characters. They are good, bad, and ugly but they are still lovely to us because we created them. Yet, as we fill up pages after pages of deep felt words turning it in to a story, there comes a time when you no more write it.

Some say the story flows on its own. Others say it is the character who writes it.

For me, its been a mix of both. I write on impulse with only a very broad outline as my guide. I know the ending, so it helps. But I am not in control all the time. As my characters grow, my story changes. There are times when I just cannot continue following a line of thought because my character is cross with me. He says it just isn't like him. And when that happens, I agree with him. Because my readers care about my characters. Not me.

What do you do? Are your characters as nosy as mine? :)


  1. I completely agree. I had a character recently who told me they aren't as bad as I think. I have to revisit and find a new antagonist. Thanks for the post.

  2. I'm the exact same way! My characters and plot co-inspire me on a daily basis, and without them, I'd be totally lost! But I just find it SO hard to make a character do something that he or she wouldn't normally do, so sometimes it's the characters who drive the steering wheel LOL!

    (And here we are with metaphor galore!)

    Awesome post, Shilpa! :)

  3. Kim - That's interesting. It is amazing how the story takes new turns with our character's influence! :)

    Mimi - Thank Mimi..One way I make them do something they do not want it giving them a better history. Once I start backfilling the gaps, it becomes easier to manage. Do you have any hot men in your book?? :)

  4. @Shilpa, I'm glad to know that there are a lot of character driven writers out there. I always allow my characters to take to the next level. That's part of the adventure and it unleashes the creativity of the writer.

  5. Hey Geraldine, I think it is safe right, to let them take control...it makes the writing so much more enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by! It is a pleasure to have you here!


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