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Blue Bells of Scotland: Better Than The Outlander Series!

Today I welcome a Laura Vosika, author of the Blue Bells Triology. If you are interested in historical tales, that too set in the magical Scotland, and time travel then you are in for a treat! This book has caught readers unawares. Some readers have found this book better than the Outlander series! If you want to see more of what readers think about this book, click here. I am honored to have her with us today. So, here we go with our questions! 

Hello Laura! Tell us something about your new Blue Bells Triology.

Blue Bells of Scotland is a story of mistaken identity, time travel, and medieval adventures.  It's the story of two men, polar opposites but for their looks and love of music, who switch places in time.  Shawn, a self-centered musical phenomenon of the twenty-first century, finds the fate of medieval Scotland on his irresponsible, womanizing shoulders, while the devout medieval Highland warrior, Niall, finds himself caught in the roiled waters of Shawn's life--amorous…