When You Can't Write - Read

It can happen to anyone. Even the best selling authors. But that doesn't make it right. I still cannot write. I feel as if words froze on my finger tips and the keyboard is not warm enough to melt it down to them. You know how it feels, right?

Then what do I do? Sleep it off? I would probably wake up feeling even more zombie-like than what I am feeling now. 

Do I take a break? What if I lose all the steam and forget all my brilliant ideas for the book?

Do I force myself to write? Well, I would probably kill my hero in this mood. 

So, after a looong time spent at thinking of a solution (with a pack of crispy wafers and coke), I decided to go back to the reason which inspired me to write - books.

For most of us, reading inspires writing. It is the same for me. A fine book pushes me to write better. A good book inspires me to pen my own stories. Reading teaches me to write. 

So, friends, if an offensive blank page stares back at you, go back to reading. There is no better way to shoo away the writer block.


  1. So true, nothing will make me want to run for my laptop quicker than spending some time reading a good book. Reading forces you to turn imagery back on, which in turn springs to life the imagery of your own work. Another thing that works for me in a pinch, is writing a letter. To anyone really. I'll just sit down and write to someone I haven't seen in years, or myself, and sometimes that kicks things back into gear for me.

  2. Hello Darian, welcome to my blog! :) Your letter writing solution is quite remarkable! I have never heard of it. But whatever works to get you back to writing is a good thing!

  3. Well said and I totally agree too.

  4. I do the same, reading a good book helps...

  5. I hope you know how inspirational you are, Shilpa. :)

    Good luck with your reading and writing.

  6. I agree with you one-hundred percent! Reading IS inspiring! My dream to be a writer wouldn't have become this big if I didn't fall in love with so many YA books! :)

    AMAZING post, Shilpa! I hope you get all the inspiration you need!

  7. @Abhinav - Thank you!

    @Saru - The joy of reading! sigh...

    @Missie - kind of you to think of me in that way. But right now, I need serious inspiration! LOL!

    @Mimi - I know! YA books give a major kick to my creativity. There are so many extremely talented writers books out there...inspiration is hidden in those pages they write!

  8. I have an upcoming post about this topic. I believe you and I think alike. :-)Aside from reading, long walks really help when I encounter writers block. I also write 2-3 novels at a time. When I hit a roadblock for one, I jump on the next one. You'll be surprised at the excitement I gain from doing this. It defies all the boring routines.

  9. Agree completely Shilpa! Somehow reading something seems to kick off a bunch of thoughts - which could then be transformed into words!


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