Why Do You Enjoy A Fantasy Novel?

If I have a choice of both, there has never been an occasion when I picked a novel of any other genre over fantasy. If there is a fantasy book available, it needs to be read first. Period. A lot of my friends feel this way and I wonder what makes us such big fans of fantasy. For me, below are the reasons why fantasy is my number one pick on my bookshelf.

1) There's Magic! - Magic is cool. Magic is fun. Magic is hot. You can shout "Accio" and have whatever you wanted in your hand. How cool is that! Magic sprinkles awe in my fantasy books. It takes me to another world helping me escape the boring, mundane earth for a better, more comfortable atmosphere. It gives my imagination a high. 

2) There's Action! - Yes, most of the good fantasy novels have super plots that involves lot of high speed action. You do not have to get tangled in a long, confusing and really useless emotional out pours and relationships between even more confused men and women. In stead enjoy the fast moving and captivating action with more meaningful quests like treasure hunts, or killing the evil lord in a strange world within magical people . And here anything can happen! It is unpredictable and the list of things that can happen is endless. I love that! Slurp slurp!

3) and Some Really Hot Men! - Damon Salvatore? Edward Cullen? Totally swoon worthy, right? They add so much excitement to the already exciting fantasy world that you totally want to be the Fantasyland citizen just so that you can meet them (and probably kidnap them in your house!). And their undying, totally romantic and no-expectations love for their ladies...sigh. :) 

Any book that has a high dosage of all three is on my hot favorite list and why not? They make me happy. Extremely. What makes fantasy fiction so attractive to you? Please don't tell me the book hero is your only motivation. Haha....


  1. For me a world out of the real world makes Fantasy Novels such a delightful read. When I read and picture the things like magic, unreal talking animals and un-natural phenomena like water flowing up and objects floating in the air I feel thrilled. It's as if someone looked through my imaginations and put them in words.

  2. and then discussing them later is even more enjoyable...excitement and ideas bouncing off us while we talk about the magic is what makes it even sweeter! :)

  3. hehehe! I like your number #3. Funny (and sad) how really hot, swoon worthy men only exist in fantasy. :P

    I wouldn't say the book hero is my only motivation, but he does play a pivotal role.

  4. @Missie - LOL! I agree. After all it is fantasy! ;)

  5. ..yeah the hot men! *swoon*
    I love the adventure, the world the author creates that sometimes feels so real, the action and adventure (At least I don't need to use a nail clipper after I'm done with reading a good fantasy, as I'm like 'oh my god what's going to happen next' while turning over the next page. Fantasy is pure intoxicating fun!

  6. Cici - Exactly..and isn't it a great escape? I am biased here but I feel writing a fantasy writer is more talented than any other fiction writer! lol!

  7. And I totally agree with you. Imagine the kind of world you can create as a fantasy writer and create your own myths and history in it. Mmmh now I am syked up to finish editing my Urban Fantasy which I have neglected for a while.

  8. Oh Cece - don't neglect your best creations! lol! Write it and send it to me! :)


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