Craft at Home - Storage Box

So, I got the familiar itch to cut and destroy things this morning and I made up my mind to do just that. I realized yesterday night that I was losing all my bookmarks that I somehow end up having in my so many books and wished there was a box where I can store them. That gave me the destructive idea to rip apart my Kelloggs cereal box (which wasn't empty BTW!). So, I cut the box, printed some paper and pasted all over it to gift myself a royal, pretty huge (need to print off more bookmarks now!) bookmark storage box. I can make it fancier or may be make another smaller one. Nevertheless, the thirst is almost satiated. Sharing with you some pictures of the same! Oh and you can use this for some other purpose as well - craft materials, receipts, etc etc. You get the point, right?


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