5 Ways To Get Rid Of Writer's Block

It's inevitable - the block gets us one day. It is as if the words refuse to flow, thickened somewhere in the brain, not moving, getting hazy as moment passes...nothing to type. The familiar keyboard doesn't help. If you do use the keyboard, it is the backspace that gets the most hits! Does it ring a bell? Yes, we all go through this and you are not alone. We cannot avoid it - but we can definitely come out of it faster. I had written this for my other blog on freelancing writing but is long defunct as I moved to fiction writing. However, the tips I mentioned in here hold good for any kind of writer. Why? Because writer's block is a monster and doesn't discriminate at all!

Get rid of writer's block:

Write, write and write - The most easiest way to come out of writer's block is to write! Forcing yourself to write something no matter how ugly it is would help getting the juices flow. I feel that the block is nothing but the fear of writing something terrible, something you would hate to know are your words. The best way to shoo away that fear is to actually put in those words out in the open. Good thing is you need not have to show it to someone else. You can be the only reader! Once the worst is over, you can only get better!

Go back to your favorite author - One of our most common inspirations are our favourite authors. They have inspired, coaxed, demanded and threatened us to write and write better. Sometimes, writer's block is a plea for a break and it would be great idea to go back to our masters and get rejuvenated! We have discovered our talents in their words and I am in no doubt that when you have finished reading them, you would ache to come back to your desk and type away the rest!

"Word-a-day" - I remember inventing this game in my initial days as a writer. I would often be at a loss of what to write due to various reasons (that should come in a separate blog :)) and I would think of ways to make myself write. "Word-a-day" is simple and effective. I would look at my surroundings and pick up any object among them randomly and say, "Ok...this is my topic. I need to write 250 words about this". Lo! I would force the words to come and as days would pass, I would start deliberating picking some things over others because they would interest me! As I said, it is very simple game to play. All you need is a determination that you would write those 250 words without giving up! The rest is easy.

Turn in to a critic - If you cannot write than start reviewing your older work. I find it very embarrassing to read their work later, but that's I know many who love to read their work! Reading and commenting on articles/writings makes you more aware of what kind of writer you are. It simultaneously also infuses in you the excitement to write something better. When you are short of words and are reviewing your own work, don't forget to keep pen and paper handy. I bet there would be moments when you would feel, "ah...this line is what makes it attractive", "oh...this could be phrased better!"...and so on. The important thing is it is making you think about words and hence, your brain is trying to form sentences again!

Do not give up and go on a long break - Going on a long break is the greatest danger during these times. I did it once and I regret it till date. You need to realize that writer's block is temporary and is not a proof that you are a bad writer. This thought scares the writer away in to oblivion and all that is left is lost clients, and projects. When you get the inspiration again to write, all you are left with is starting everything from scratch. No need to add, it is not a pretty picture! So, do whatever you can, but do not be away from your writing desk for a long time.

Finally, any career would have its ups and downs and writing is no different. In fact, the decision to make a living by writing is much braver than any secure company job and it demands much more patience and work from you. You have taken that decision which means you are brave. Do not let a tiny obstacle like writer's block stop you! All the best!


  1. Interesting informative one Shilpa, lot of gyan here :) Good post!

  2. Hahaha...its one of those days when the bulb finally lights up! :D


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