Book Review: The Fallen by Thomas E.Sneigoski

Genre: YA Fantasy

It was the book cover. Yes, that is the reason I picked up this book. Angels never interested me. But the broody, I-dare and pained look on the face of such a good looking guy made me buy this. And the black angel wings, ofcourse.

This series is about Aaron Corbet, a regular high school student who starts hearing voices, understand and speak foreign languages and have massive headaches right on his eighteenth birthday. Slowly, through a series of events, he discovers that he is a half-breed between an angel and a human. Also, that he is destined for greater things. But he is also being relentlessly chased to be killed by Powers for they think half-breeds like him are a blight on their heritage. The first book, The Fallen (of the omnibus The Fallen and The Leviathan), narrates how Aaron comes to terms with his changed body and future. The book ends with his decision to find his brother who has been stolen by the Powers.

What works for the book?
First and foremost, the cover page. I have described above what I mean by it. :)

Second, is the story. The story itself has lot of potential. I haven't read any other angel fantasy to compare though. But it kind of held my interest to read it till the last.

The character, Aaron himself. He is a very likable character. His appearance is not described at all in the book. Yet, one would instantly feel the warmth because of his sensitivity to his foster family, his efforts to build a good future through education, his sweet attitude towards his crush. He is the one who would not let you go through out the book. You would want to find out what happened to him in the end.

What does not work for the book? (Spoiler Alert!)
The narration. I found myself not even sighing when Aaron loses his family that too in such a brutal manner. There is no depth to really care in the book. I constantly had this feeling that there is a soundproof glass between me and the story and there is a lot that is not reaching me. The story in itself has great potential and I wish the writing didn't hold it back.

Rest of the characters. It would have helped a lot if there was a bit more description about them. Their background, their features,etc. At the expense of repeating myself, there is a lot that is missing out and I would have loved to get all that extra information in the book.

It is just about decent. If you are willing to try variety, this is a harmless book. But if you just do not have patience to put up with an average book, then steer clear of this.


  1. That cover would make me pick up the book, too. It's fabulous! And I really appreciate a really great story with likeable characters. But I hate the soundproof glass between me and a story.

  2. Peggy - yeah the cover is to blame! lol! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nicely reviewed, will try reading this book...

  4. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but I really like this one! x) I think I would have picked it up just for that and the cool-sounding premise. But it's too bad that the narration was hard to get into. For me, I find that it doesn't matter how awesome the premise is if the writing isn't captivating.

    But I think I might try it out if I see it around! Awesome review, Shilpa! :)

  5. I would have totally picked up the book based on the cover alone because YUM... and angels aren't really my thing either.

    But deal about the writing kind of barring the character connection.

  6. Sorry for delayed reply to your comments. I am a bit occupied with something else for a while. :(
    Saru - Thanks. Hope you enjoy it more than what i did!

    Mimi - I am so guilty too! But you know I couldn't get through the second part of this book. I just left it unfinished which is very rare for me.

    Missie - I am so missing your blog now! Will be back soon. I just started reading Angel novels now and seriously, it is not as good as vampires or faeries! So you are not missing out on anything, I can guarantee! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Write your book, Shilpa! Time to start off :)

  8. In time Aditya, in time...:) Thanks for stopping by, btw!


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