The Confession - John Grisham

A fast moving story, the book looks at three angles of such a cirminal trial - one, the victim and victim's family. Second, the accused and his family. Third, the whole circus of convicting and the death bed drama. So intensely has John Grisham described the pain, hopes, disappointment, tears and anger that is involved in a murder trial that you cannot help but feel deeply for every side of the story including the advocate Robbie. A very well knitted story, if you are anything like me, you would be reduced to tears as you go through Donte's pain. All in all, a very well written and must read book from John. 
As an aspiring author, it would be prudent to note how John manages to evoke reader's response by introducing excruciating details, letting actions speak and making the characters so much more human. In fact, this book should be read repeatedly to pick up the nuances of what makes a novel tick. In his own way, John created a interesting little tutorial for other writers.
The Confession was a surprise from John Grisham. An author who overwhelmingly dwells on law and everything legal, so much that you feel you just had a crash course on law of that state, The Confession was a refreshing change. Don't get  me wrong. The book still had heavy doses of law and the ways around it. But what sets it apart is the strong emotional quotient that you would find in there.

The book is about a young black man named Donte Drumm. An innocent man sentenced to death for kidnap, rape and murder of his high school friend. The actual murderer, a sexual assault criminal is out in open and doesn't bother to correct this error till a fatal brain tumor threatens to end his life pretty soon. Guilt forces him to confess it to a Minister who takes huge personal risks to reach to Donte's lawyers who could prevent the execution. 


  1. I read your review and I bought the book. Now John Grisham would thank you for adding onto his royalty :-)

    The next step is to read... am sure I will have the same opinion as yours :-)

  2. :) If John Grisham thanks me, I will ask him to pay me back by publishing my book and earn royalties for me. :D
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Let me know once you are done.

  3. The Confession is a legal thriller by an accomplished writer, one who became famous by writing legal thrillers. I loved Grisham's early books, reading each one eagerly, glued to the pages, and disappointed when I finished, realizing that I had to wait a long time for the next one. Somewhere along the way Grisham lost his mojo, and, unfortunately, he hasn't fully regained it.


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