The Help - The Book and The Movie

Only sometimes we come across a book that impresses you so much that you change your life's outlook. Even if it is in just a tiny way. The fact that a stranger sitting thousands of miles away could do that with just words written on paper that you bought/borrowed by chance makes it an even greater feat. I feel the author has every right to be proud of it and Kathyrn Stockett must be one proud woman today for she wrote a book that is a must read for everyone.

I am just 2 yrs late discussing this wonderful book and dearly thank the producers who are making this in to a movie for that was what drew my attention to it. A very unusual book for me to buy considering only wands and pixies interest me these days. Today I am glad I did. The book is based in 1960's Jackson, Mississippi. It is about three extra-ordinary women who take grave risks to write their story anonymously during the deep and hurting racial divide of the fluid sixties. Unlike the agitating and adrenaline pumping speeches of men, this book is all about what the average black woman, mostly maids went through that time. Along with them are the opinions voiced by few white women who couldn't help but fall in love with their "help" though all rules told them they were not supposed to.

A very brave, and special book for me especially because it is completely from a woman's point of view. In fact, the men in the book, mostly husbands of the women in the story are more like shadows and I am so glad about it.

When I finished reading the book today, I know I was smiling more than I should especially because I was all alone! LOL. The movie is releasing on August 10th and boy, am I excited. I saw the trailer and I was giggling even more seeing the lovely characters coming alive on screen. I feels so good to have really made this book a part of my life.

Finally, if you haven't already noticed, I am trying to make this blog more useful to you. It will, I am hoping, also lead in to more fruitful discussions that would eventually help us enjoy our books even more. You can find more information on that by clicking here. Therefore, I thought long and hard on what should be the first ever Monday Spotlight post and I am absolutely thrilled that I chose the book "The Help" to do it.

So, go out to the bookstores and buy this wonderful book for the author Kathyrn Stockett who deserves every bit of your attention! If you are in India and you think it is not in there, that is not true. You can order your own copy from Click here and it would lead you straight to the book.

Happy reading and do let me know what you think about the book! 


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