Washington DC Trip - Clicks to Remember

Last week I embarked upon my first trip in US - a bus tour to Washington DC. A friend of mine invited to join him and his wife on this trip and I am very thankful for it. It was fun and quite informative for me, a person who wasn't very excited about this country. Now, I can appreciate their history and feel much more comfortable with my surroundings.

On this particular tour, we visited Princeton University, Philadelphia (Freedom Bell and others), Washington DC (All memorials, White House and US Capitol Hill) and Baltimore (Korean War Memorial). For a 2 day tour, this was a pretty tight itinerary. I intend to visit each of these places in leisure some day. The highlights of this tour for me was Philadelphia, Capitol Hill and Air and Space Museum. There are several clicks that I took and would like to share. But this post is for only those that are closest to my heart.


How true!

Philadelphia is the home to the famous "Liberty Bell". Freedom was proclaimed  with this bell .
Washington DC:

We found this statue at the tourist parking for White House. It represented the fighting spirit and sacrifices of Americans for freedom

This sculpture was made in dedication to Titanic disaster victims who sacrificed their lives to protect the women and children. No idea how Kate Winslet and Di Caprio ended up doing that in the movie!

This was at the Jefferson Memorial. Just liked it. :)

Capitol Hill:

Well, don't know the name of this gentleman but looks great! :p 

The Capitol Hill dome. Stunning!

More of the same

The figures are not sculptures. They are 3-D paintings! 

Another part of the building. This room holds the funeral of US Presidents

Air and Space Museum: The below clicks are from World War 2 which was a significant time for America. Each picture tells you a heartfelt story of men and women then who braved the hard times in their own way.

Finally, the spirit of this country:


  1. Shilpa, I loved the pictures of the dome. I haven't seen anything in US. I want to visit this country sometime in my life-time. Visiting all the important cities is difficult for people who stay there, for a tourist like me, it would be tough to decide what to see and what to leave. I will take your help that time :-)

  2. I agree Mrunalini. In person, it was even more stunning...you should see it. But plan soon...quoting you from you last blog - just carpe diem, do not wait till retirement! :)


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