Random Pics

The key to happiness is freedom, and the key to freedom is courage —Anonymous

And Life is Colour and Warmth and Light and a striving evermore for these - Julian Grenfell 


  1. Wow Sis... your house looks just awesome... the pics have come out really well... the first two pics of the keys and key and door though looks like a simple pic has a much underlying meaning to it... key ( your courage and will power ) and door ( the way to freedom that opens with your courage and will power ).

    I am sure you are enjoying doing up your new place.... have a good life there!! :-)

  2. thank you bro! :) I feel relieved now...hehe

    You got it right regarding the first 2 photos. That was exactly what I was thinking when I read the quote. We think so alike! :D

    I hope to put up some more especially the garden pics. But I have got to do lot of sneaking for that! lol.


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