Harry Potter Saga and My Childhood

I cannot help but write this post about my favourite book that saw its end on the seventy mm screen this july 15th. It was the Harry Potter franchise and oh, how many of us can vouch that their childhood ended with this screening! While the credits rolled on the screen, I could feel the taste of childhood nostalgia within me. The first snigger at people readng Harry potter books, then the amusing curiosity to know what is it all about. Followed by the curiosity was the fascination with the magic, closely matched by the temptation to indulge in more. The final result was just pure joy and love for the characters and books that never fail to enthuse me. I am sure this has been the story of many others in my age group.

Today when I sat in  the theater to watch this movie, I was not surrounded by giggling teenagers. I was with people who grew up with Harry Potter and had come to show their love for him. They were of my age - both girls and boys. They laughed, sighed and cried at every touching moment in the movie. They felt awed at the magic and when finally Harry Potter and his friends bid goodbyes, we could feel the farewell to our lovely childhood too. I know it is too dramatical to say our childhood ended with it but a part of it definitely did. That part of the childhood had given wings to my dreams. That part had helped me dream the impossible and believe in the possibility of its existence. That part of childhood convinced me that growing up might not be too bad - if Harry Potter could do it, so could I! 

That part said its final goodbyes today. It probably felt we have grown up enough to mind our life without it. Perhaps yes. But it would be missed sorely. The good part is we can help relive it by watching the movie or reading the book again. And when we do it again, do not forget to relive the wonderful moments spent with the book and the people surrounding our lives then. 

Only once in a while a book touches and alters our lives so profoundly. This book by J.K.Rowling did it. She must be very proud of her achievement. Prouder than her is perhaps I. I feel immensely proud to be in a generation which knew such a great writer. Hats off to her. I hope she pens many more in the future. 


  1. I agree... I started reading Harry Potter quite late and lived the seven years, that you might have painstakingly lived in curiosity, in one month time. And I must say that was one of the best one month of reading I did in my life. Seeing the characters of Harry, Hermione and Ron grow up from 11 year old kids to 19 yr old teenagers fighting the dark lord has been like watching a reality show 8 years long that just got over.
    I feel sad that this show is over. But I did get to know a certain lion story is in the pipeline that promises to create yet another revolution like the Potter Mania :-)


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