Inspired Cooking!

It is ridiculous that I am so ridiculously excited about this....but oh wait! I know why I am so insanely excited. It is because I just cooked my first original dish in my whole life! Yeah, you can frown, roll your eyes and get annoyed that I wasted precious minutes of your life, but hey, this is my time under the sun. And guess what, i even clicked pictures of it (yeah, I am THAT excited!) :p

Ok, so now that I have made it, I have decided to do namkaran for it. This dish would henceforth be called, Healthy Tikha Khatta Gobi! You ask why? Because it is tikha (spicy) and khatta (sour) and of course, very healthy because it has carrots, and matar.

A very satisfying and momentous day for me. I think I am ready to enter the world of cooking now. World famous chefs - go take a hike! Ok. Not right away. But soon. As of now, Ashik needs to taste it. God bless him! :p


  1. Wow Sis... the dish looks really yum!!! What do you say should we start a recipe blog???

    In bet the new look of your blog looks just awesome!!! Much better than the previous one though that was good too. This one looks brighter and more interesting... good going!!! I am going to steal few ideas from here for my blog... you better not say NO!!! :-)

  2. The dish was yum according to Ashik! ;) Recipe blog would be awesome. In fact, I noted down my recipe lest I forget it which I often do. We can put in authentic, simple recipes with nice pics. And I am going to design the blog! :D
    Thank you fr the compliments on the new look...You can steal whatever you want from the blog design...:)

  3. Looks yummy!!!!

    You can check out my colleague's blog on cooking. She is extremely enthusiastic about cooking.

    Cooking is one such domain, which hasn't attracted me towards it till now ;)

    Hope it does sometime in future.. hehehe

  4. haha....ditto for me..but my ideal days are throwing some weird surprises...I hope for a repeat performance now...and thank you! :)

  5. Good One Shilpa!!....Read the book "Julie and Julia"....It is an awesome book , more about blogging, then cooking and then trying out something new and finally achieving it!!

  6. Hi Maheswary! Yeah I have a heard a lot about the book....have watched the movie and it was adorable! I would try to read it soon! Thanks for the follow and stopping by! :)


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