Making Bookmarks At Home!

A little craft at home hurts no one...especially if you are alone! :)

So I made a bookmark!

This is the front of the bookmark. You can declare you are the owner of the book with it.

This is the other side/back side of the book. You can list "My All Time Hits" here. sweetie! :p

Pretty simple one and very easy to make. But it helped me refresh in no time. I have many more ideas now and I hope I can try them out soon! 


  1. WOW, this is my hobby too...

    Planning to make it since I moved in to the new house, but just not able to sit at it.

    What paper have you used for it? There must be a lot of options there for you to test your creativity.. isn't it?

  2. Superb Sis!!! You are so creative!!! I am proud of you...

    I must say the most pleasing, refreshing thing in that book must have been your bookmark :-)

    I have an idea... why don't you make more book marks and ask that old man if he can sell them. You can share the profits with him. Make sure you have your signature in every book mark to spread your brand :-)

    Of cource you need to find out if doing so is legal in US :-)

  3. Hello Mrunalini, thats great! I just love bookmarks...its a shame that people do not really use them...I used normal photo paper. That was enough. I did not do lamination too. And yes, there are many options here. People really re crafty here...:)

  4. Thank you bro! You know how mad I am when it comes to bookmarks..:p Your idea on selling it is good, but I need to find out if that is legal. I mean it would be legal for me after I get my EAD I guess. Let me see...and if people really buy (which is a big IF cos he works in an Indian area), then it would be a good earning for him too. Thanks for the excellent suggestion!


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