American Dreams...

All of us can sense change. Some subtly while few others strongly. If I have to explain how I see change, then I would say I witness it as a third person. It has always happened. My first crush. My first board exam. High School. First Love. Second Love (!). First book. First Struggle. First rebellion. First Job. First Jeans. First Fight. First marriage (lol!).

I saw it happen. Like a third person. Watching from the sidelines. Many of you might feel the same way too and I know I do. It is immensely helpful like you don't feel affected too much. That's good. It helps you not rot in the same path through out your life. It prevents you from being comfy in whatever you are doing. That reminds me I am out looking for a really comfy sofa and I am so confused with the choice I have!

Anyway, coming back to original point. So, I am witnessing another change in my life. A major change if I might add that has the potential to provide a significant diversion from the path I am on now. I moved to US to join Ashik, my husband. Sans job. Sans any plans. Its like a clean slate ready to be filled in with whatever I want. Only I haven't decided what I want.

There are many options floating around. Higher studies, job, writing, housewife! All look lucrative at some point or the other. Yet, I would like to just lay back and watch this change. Watch myself debate about it, draw the pros and cons of each career path, hop from one list to another and then give the widest smile seeing Ashik walk through the door after a hard day's work. For now, that leaves me quite content.

As for decision, I am in the land of opportunities now. American dreams would sure catch up on me...soon.


  1. Hey Shilpa,

    Alles Gute!!(All the best)!

    I have many plans too in case I go through this phase, hehe!!

  2. hehe...we never run out of plans isnt it? But as they day, life happens when you are busy planning! :)

  3. All the best for a great future Sis...

    WRT to your responce to Mrunalini's comments, life does just happens with the best plan as we get busy planning the future and debating it's effectiveness... that said life is so funny.


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