Two Moons Of Sera - By Pavarti K.Tyler

I have something special for you all today. About two special women. So, there are going to be two posts!

My first special guest is Pavarti K Tyler, the author of series "Two Moons of Sera" and also the owner of her publishing venture "The Fighting Monkey Press". I have read the first in "Two Moons of Sera" and was spellbound by the unique world that she has created. It is a must read if you are in to fantasy novels. And guess what, it is just $0.99! Here are the links if you want to make a buy -  Amazon and Smashwords.  Yes, I loved it enough to actually telling you to buy it! :)
So, without wasting any more time, I present you Pavarti K. Tyler!

Hello Pavarti! Please tell us something about your book.

Two Moons of Sera takes place on a world where there are two species of people (so far anyway *wink*wink*).  The Sualwets are a water-borne people whose survival has depended on practicality.  Alternately the Erdlanders are more human-esque but their species is dying out.  Driving them to extreme measures. This is the background of a coming of age story which will resonate with anyone who has ever felt on the outside.

Excerpt –

“How did I get here? The point of living was insignificant. I was just sixteen, my birthday had passed without comment or celebration. My entire existence had been spent in hiding. A war raged around me, while I hid safely in my utopian cove. I never did anything wrong, there was nothing to do. A lifetime of nothing spanned behind me and stretched endlessly in front of me. Stories from books and melodisks told of adventures and loves, stories I had never forgotten. Each one engraved in my soul like a promise.

Until I met Tor. Torkek.

Until he spoke to me, sat with me, yelled at me, frightened me.

Each movement he made fed my hunger for experience. Each emotion he inspired within me made him more and more vital. I knew I couldn't have him. I couldn't be the princess from the fairytales who walked hand in hand with the man who saved her from the monsters. The stories were all the same. The princess thanked her savior with a kiss so painfully true, it sealed their love forever. Instead, I would have to say goodbye and he would leave. I would ache for him to return and maybe one day he would, but never for long. The reality of my existence excluded his presence. I was an abomination, a mutant, a hybrid never meant to exist. What would he think when he found out the truth?”

Your book was simply unique and fascinating. How did you get the idea of Sera, Sualwet, Erdlanders?

It actually all came from an amazing picture I found on Tumblr.  It haunted me and my mind just kept swirling with thoughts of the world in which this picture would happen.  It was originally Nilafay (the mother) who caught my attention, but as I kept dreaming another story revealed itself.

How did you build up this unique world? What were the steps that you took to build a credible world? This would be especially useful for aspiring fantasy authors.

World Building is a full time job.  When I read a book I love it when I can lose myself in the landscape of the story. Sometimes, there are even stories I enjoy despite weak plots because of the excellent World Building (Across the Universe).  But what is it that goes into the creation of a world.  I really had no idea until I started writing Two Moons of Sera.

If done well your new world will include technology, psychology, anthropology and sociology: to help create a realistic and fleshed out cultures.  Once you have that it is only natural to continue on to explore issues of philosophy and religion.

So, check out the quiz below and tell me how I did!

Your books are like capsules/digital short stories but they are a continuation. More like a TV Soap. How do you feel about it? I, for one, am eagerly waiting for the next installment. But do you think you might also lose some readers because they have to wait?

My reasoning for doing this is so that early readers of Two Moons of Sera are rewarded for going on this adventure with me.  Right now the ebook is only $0.99 and purchase ensures you get all future installments for free.  As each volume is added the price will increase, meaning that those who come to the story later won't get the same great price and experience as those who buy it now.  

It's risky for sure but it is my hope that by releasing Two Moons of Sera in this manner the reader will be able to engage and lose themselves in the story: live in and experience it more fully.  I for one am likely to devour a book.  I read the entire Twilight Saga in one week.  That's an astronomical number of pages.  But what happens is you miss details and forget plots, all in the interest of consuming the story.

In the 1800s, most popular fiction was released in serial format, either individually or as part of a magazine.  Even Charles Dickens released a number of his novels this way and more recently Steven King published The Plant as a serial. I'm hoping this style with appeal to those who want a more interactive experience with the author and other readers.  If not, folks can just wait until it's done and read the whole thing at once.  Upon release of the final installment I will also be releasing a paperback copy.

When is the book two due? 

January 1st 2012, but those who sign up for my 2MOS newsletter MAY get an early peak :)

You also own the "Fighting Monkey Press". Tell us more about it?

FMPress is a subsidiary of Fighting Monkey Productions.  I have been running my own business since 1999 in various forms.  Originally it was a technology company and then I used it to hire day work for a theatrical production I was working on (Miss Siagon).  It's evolved to include my husband's technology form, my accounting business and now as a conduit to produce my books.  I've really enjoyed learning about the publishing business and am working to position my novels as professionally as possible.

Are you accepting submissions currently?

As of now I am not.  It's not something I'm really prepared to do at this point, but may be in the future.

Finally, what is your favorite quote in the book?

Excerpt from Part II

Sal's hand rested on Elle's hip as she wrapped one arm around his neck, pulling him closer. Their bodies curved together, deepening the contact. My breathing sped up and I felt like a thousand suns had been ignited within the room. Their touch was so easy, their love so clear. I had dreamed of a prince who would save me from my life of monotony and offer me something more. Watching Elle open her mouth and reach out to Sal showed me what that "something more" was.

Too soon the chamber walls descended and I was alone, cold with no one's lips upon mine in a room full of strangers. But the tingling of my skin remained. 

As I turned, I saw Tor standing on the other side of the room, next to a chattering Lock. His eyes were full of the fire I felt lick at my skin as he watched me. 

Pavarti K Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number-cruncher who has been committed to causing trouble since her first moment on this Earth. Her eclectic career has flirted with Broadway, Teaching, Law Firms and the IRS. Author of many short stories, Pavarti spans genres from Horror and Erotica all the way to Fantasy. Currently Pavarti is hard at work establishing her Indie Publishing Company Fighting Monkey Press.
Pavarti K Tyler's novel Two Moons of Sera is a Fantasy/Romance and will be released in a serial format beginning this fall.  Her next novel Shadow on the Wall is scheduled for release in early 2012. Shadow on the Wall is Book One of The SandStorm Chronicles, the saga of Recai Osman — businessman, philosopher, Muslim and . . . superhero.


  1. This is definitely on my to read list! I hope to review both books in January and everything you said has me even more excited about reading it. :)

    Great post guys!

  2. Jordan - thank you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did..and yes, that reminds me i have to post the review too! :D

  3. Yeah! Thank you! I'm so glad you're looking forward to reading it Jordan :)


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