Why Do You Buy A Particular Book?

I have often wondered what makes one buy a book. The times that gets me thinking about this is when I discover a gem that no one talks about much. They lie at the corners of the bookstore, alone, shunned while other books shine brightly to our eyes. Fortunately, through fate or unavoidable circumstances, we stumble upon these undiscovered gems and wonder, why didn't I pick this before?

I thought of a few reasons:

1. Blurb: The blurb at the back page. That is my guide to the book and the right hook there makes me pick it. And writers, well, they do a great job at it!

2. Cover page: Don't judge a book by its cover? But we do judge them, don't we? It is sad, but our visual sense is so much more dominating that our reason. 

3. Visibility: There are a lot of people talking about it. In a good way. And sometimes, if they trash it too much, even that gets me itch to read that book. (I know, weird!). Visibility, of course, is directly linked to promotions. 

4. Reviews: I depend a lot on reviews. Reviews from reliable sites and blogs. But I often wonder, how many are genuine? Especially when they are part of promotions? 

What makes you buy a particular book? Please vote and let me know! 

Why Do You Buy A Particular Book?


  1. Really it is hard to choose just one of those options, when I usually use a combination. The blurb is important, but the review is the clincher. Honest reviews are very important to me, so that's all you'll ever read at http://steepedinbooks.blogspot.com

  2. I also choose a combination. Reviews don't really have an influence on whether I choose a book or not- the blurb on the back is what let's me know if the material inside is going to be interesting.

    But the cover is what draws me the most. I know. It's sad. But true.

  3. @Georgia - I so agree and I enjoy your reviews! :) Thanks for voting!

    @ K.W - I know! Cover pages influence me a lot though it is wrong. But come on, can we really resist those wonderful, beautiful shiny covers? hehe...thank you for voting!

  4. Myself I choose a book by the cover first, then the blurb.mmmh, sometimes the reviews if I happen to be close to a computer with internet connection , but otherwise those two.

  5. I go solely on reviews. I was going through many sites that gave lists of best books, and that's how I went on to read Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood, a book that I completely agree is an equal to Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Puzo's The Godfather (well..maybe not the godfather cus it's a class apart, but almost :) )
    I'm glad I go by reviews. I also go by the recommendations of my family members, many of whom are ardent readers :)

    Oh, and all the best with the writing :D

    If you could spare a few minutes, could you read a post of mine? And maybe leave a short feedback or a vote? I'd be honoured, especially if a writer herself were to read my post and tell me what she thought, and if she liked it enough to vote for it :D
    I'd be much obliged, Ma'am :)



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