New Milestone, Same Old Me

42676 words in one month. If it was the NANOWRIMO contest, I would have fallen just a tad short of completing it. But then if I would have got my what I call "Writer's sunshine moments" as often as I got it this month, I would have stuck to my guns. 
It has been an incredible month for my novel. And with almost Nil pressure at work, it was easier for me to write more than I could have otherwise. I had never felt this tuned to my story before. If there were moments of blankness, there were also some unbelievably inspired moments that brought out some of the best twists I could ever hope in my book. I think I could have reached this milestone much earlier than a month if I hadn't been distracted by another milestone that I need to reach soon. I have decided to take the GMAT exam in approximately two months time. A rather ambitious target I would say. But so is the NANOWRIMO contest, isn't it? Every year thousands of aspirants start their journey to scribble, if not write 50000 words in a single month. Believe it or not, there are hundreds who do complete it and some of them end up publishing their novels. If they can do it in NANOWRIMO, then why can't it be done in GMAT? Also, if you look at the advantages, it suits my short term goal to keep steady in my full-time job and help writing in my spare time. At least till I start steadily earning from my writing which hopefully is not far away.
So, in this one month, I had spent about a week researching and deciding if I really want to take up GMAT. Looks like I want to and had in fact started my preparation. Yet it was not effective. Every other minute when I had time, I would go back to day dreaming about my story. After a lot of inner dialogue which basically begged me to go back to writing, I promised myself to spend two quality days to just write. Which I did and the result is a peace that I know would go a long way and help me study for GMAT now. that I have fulfilled one part of my  promise of just writing and no studies, it is time to fulfill the other part of the promise which said Just studies and minimal writing and that starts from tomorrow. Yes, it does and I am giving my book a break. And it comes at a right time too. After finishing almost 75% of the book, I am feeling a tad exhausted and forcing words in to the book which is not at all healthy for my story. So, I am hoping this break will refresh my storytelling cells enough to come back with a bang! 
I will keep updating this blog though. Wish me luck in this new journey!


  1. All the best sis... am sure your in the next few months you would be done with not only the current book but the entire series :-)

  2. Thanks are the only one who has so much confidence in me! :)


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