Publish Your Novel - Is it a dream?

If someone had given me this advice before I happily googled for ways to quickly publish my novel, I would have shown some restraint in my search. Nevertheless, I wasn't that lucky. I opened numerous web pages on publication, modified and re modified my search keywords to trace that inkling hope hidden in some obscure web page, even resorted to sort through websites on publication on page 9, but alas, can we alter the truth by looking away?

I realized that we cannot. The end result is nothing but an undefined hiatus from my book to give myself space to breathe and get together the high on which I was riding in the past month.

So what is it that I found that's got me so upset about the whole publication industry?

Well for a starters, the average time of getting your book published, as time and again it was repeated to me, is around 2 years! If you want to read the sentence again, you are welcome. Myself with my pea-sized patience would forget my entire story if I have to wait that long. I am not kidding. I really do have a pea-sized patience and not to forget the same sized memory.

Secondly, the fact that you got to impress quite a few people (Read agents and editors) to get your labour of love, your novel published has been rubbed so many times on my face, that I can smell a publication house from far away. Correction. Very far away!

At the end of it all, I wondered, why is it so difficult to publish a decent piece of creativity? And when I say this, I speak for all those wannabe authors whose life forever is lost amongst query letters and rejection letters. As expected, I did what is expected out of me. Google  it.

What I found out, to my horror, did soften my stand. There is just one mean person who makes this whole process so terribly unbearable. He is green in colour and has great influence. He resides wherever mankind is and always tops the most powerful men (or women)list  in the whole wide world. He is popularly known as Mr.Money. He has other names too but that is the name that is universally recognizable.

It seems agents have to reject quite a few of the manuscripts to please Mr.Money who promises to ring only for the select few. Based on how much Mr.Money can move his butt, the agent pitches in the Chosen One to the editors. Editors, further repeat the same process and check with Mr. Money again. If he seems to be in the same mood, then voila! the book gets published. Meanwhile, the poor author who put days and nights, sweat and blood to create that 1 million words on his word processor looks on helpless. Often, his labour of love is treated as nothing but garbage and is thrown from one gutter down to the other.

A rather pessimistic view but life isn't rosy always. Unfortunately.


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