Incentive Marketing: Benefit From Rewarding Relationships

A lot has been said about loyalty rewards these days. Incentive marketing or in simpler terms, loyalty rewards seem to have struck a chord with both marketers and consumers alike. 

Today, I guest post at "The Good Villain" about this and enjoyed quite a bit researching and writing about it. Want to read more? Here's the link! 

Incentive Marketing: benefit from rewarding relationships

I would also be blogging more on TGV than here but I would always put up a link here to let you all know about my activities up there. It just makes sense for me to group all my publishing articles at TGV and use this forum to share more of personal experiences. Hope you are ok with it. :)

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to leave your thoughts to help each other out!



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