Introducing "The Good Villain" to the world!

As late as this post might be, I am here with some exciting news!

After toiling and progressing with my first company, Inkspell Publishing, an independent publishing company (have I told you how proud I am of everything we have achieved in just 1 year?), I am ready to launch my dream content project - - Enabling authors to succeed!

Over the last year, I realized the biggest struggle of a writer is not the writing itself but everything surrounding it. A writer is a writer because she writes. But what about the complex, ever changing publishing landscape? The fact that the authors have to swim through the myriad of information to reach the point of actual publishing is painful. As if that was not enough, mix in it a pinch of temptation called "Self-Publishing" and you have the perfect brew of author insanity. Thankfully, we have resources that help us navigate through this.

Then how is The Good Villain different? 
Simple. It is not. What it instead is is a repository of quick information by experienced industry professionals that can show the way with crisp instructions and solutions that actually works. Every article in there is a personal experience of the author and the lessons through those are the ones that will help our readers to succeed in their publishing journey.

My favorite part of the website are the marketing tips. How do we succeed when there are thousands of writers vying for the same reader's attention? There are successes and some awesome tips are being shared on the website who actually implemented them AND succeeded!

So, friends, wish me good luck with this new venture and hoping that this effort will indeed, help authors succeed.

If you wish to contribute to this site, let me know through an email or in the comments box and I will get in touch with you. I am currently accepting proposals!

Thanks all and see you soon!



  1. Shilpa ~ This is so exciting!! I am not only thrilled for you but want to thank you for creating such a wonderful place to help authors, especially like me, who have so much to learn, become better at what they do, all in a centralized location! You are awesome!!

    1. Thank you Ann! I am working hard towards making as useful as possible for authors. Your support means a lot to me. Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggested topics and I will try my best to source some great tips for you!

  2. Congratulations!! Will come over soon - as soon as I begin my book :) Cheers Shilpa!

    1. Thanks Aditya! Your feedback would be most welcome too. :)


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