Breaking Dawn 2 - Movie review

I promised my husband we won't watch it on the first day as I usually do with a Twilight movie. I know its full of bad acting, cringe-worthy moments that make me squirm in my seat through out the movie yet, I watch it in the theatre. I guess it is the strong urge to feel the same sense of unbridled happiness the book tore from me. Each and every movie failed me and Breaking Dawn 1 was the highlight of all. I actually considered walking away after 15 minutes of the start of that movie.

And hence, I assured my husband that I would not make him wait in the queue, amongst the raging teenage hormones only to watch the dismal, teeth-clenching acting from the actors whose only claim to fame is to be associated with this franchise.

However, the undecided fan that I am, on the very second day of the release, I asked my husband if we can watch Breaking Dawn - part 2, he readily agreed. I suspect he saw the desperate need for closure with this series in me and the fact that it was the last movie. He doesn't have to go through this again, right? So, we got comfortable in a nice AMC theatre with enough popcorn to drown my sorrows if it turned out worse than all. And, what a surprise the movie turned out to be!

The start was painfully slow but a pain that I was very acostumed to and expected. But the improvement in acting was evident right away. Vampirism suits Kirsten Stewart, just like Auro had claimed in the book. Her acting was confident, her dialogues had more clarity unlike the strangled, constipated tone she always took. Trust me, that was the biggest relief for me.

The eye candies were all there at the right time - Edward, finally giving his million-dollar smile more often than before and surprise, some humor too. Jacob, shirtless, but finally cured of his teenage obsession with Bella, hence, much more tolerable. The Cullens family, glittering as usual with their brand of saccharine family love.

But it was the international cast that kept me engaged. Good acting and variety of powers shared amongst them was the entertainment that I longed to enjoy in the movie, just like in the book. It did not disappoint me.

Yet, the highlight was the final fight with the Volturi, a non-existent fight in the book that got us all riveted in the theatre. The build up to it was nail-biting and the fact that this is a new development, left the audience guessing about the end. Of course, they won't kill the hero in the end but a fight with the all powerful volturi? And who the heck could have guessed the insane twist that the screenwriter decided to give to the movie? The last 20 mins kept audience at the edge of the seat, some teenagers wailing, squealing and finally, sighing in relief as it ended. Of course, the freakish outrage still clung to me after the movie was over.

Overall, I am so glad that the movie ended on a high note. I enjoyed the movie. Not as much as the book but definitely more than the rest of the movies in the franchise. The fact that my husband, who dozed off in every one of the movie after 5 minutes of start, watched it without so much as a blink convinced me that I was avenged for all the grief he gave me about this series. :)



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