Monday Marketing Tip: Is it just content?

So, we have been pumped all along how content is the king to attract readers and keep them loyal to your site, and ultimately your business. Whether it is a book you are trying to sell or just your book blog readership, we have been advised over and over about great content. No doubt about it. Poor content will not get you readers but is it only that?

Imagine you are searching for "Marketing tips for selling my book". Google spews out 100s of sites for you to learn the art but what do you actually read? You open up the first 4-5 pages on the first page of search results. Then you filter further based on: content on those sites and...surprise, the design of the website!

Yes, would you keep reading a website that doesn't even have its sidebar listed out well? Would you continue reading a website with bright blue background and yellow text on it? In all probability, no.

Do not lose potential followers by design issues. There are some simple and common errors that can be avoided in your website design. Here are a few:

  1. Cluttered layouts : Keep it simple. Do not clutter your website/blog with too many distracting pictures, text on your sidebars. Your potential reader is interested in the main text area. Sidebar are extras.
  2. Organized navigation: Keep it organized. For example, people expect your biography page under the page name "Bio" or "About Me" or "About Us" and not under "Contact Me" page. 
  3. Colorful text or unreadable text: White or light backgrounds and dark (mostly black) text is the best combination. It brings in clarity and is easy on eyes. 
  4. No Search capabilities: Never forget to include search in your website or blog. Its an essential function that readers expect on your website or blog especially if you have a lot of content to share. It is easy to include one and comes available with  most of the website/blog templates. Ensure it is on top of the page or sidebar for easy accessibility.

If you are designing your website or blog on your own, one of the best ways to ensure that you have a design that will not irk your readers is to check with your favorite websites. You would soon realize that you have subconsciously rejected the not so great looking websites. Don't let your readers reject yours. :)

Have you given a serious thoughts to your website design?



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