Always You - My book Is Released!

Yay!! I know I am so selfish. After a month or more of writing nothing, I am writing again to announce my book release. Wee...seriously so selfish!

But my dear friends, I promise I have been a good, hard working girl to ensure that this book reaches this day. After an year of finishing the book, two publication houses and one fabulous journey to publication, I could finally face this day with pride. My small, little book Always You, a story of love, prejudice and forgiveness saw the light of the day. It has a very funny story behind it. It took me 4 Harlequin Mills & Boon books over a long weekend to motivate me to write it. I was so inspired after all the estrogen-filled books, that I knew I had to write one. I wrote one but never thought will publish it. After all, its romance and it has steamy scenes! What if my mom reads it? :O

Well, she did and she did not faint. :p

Today after a month long blog tour already where so many wonderful, dedicated book bloggers took the time to read it and review it, I have to say, I am humbled by their attention to this book. I thank all of them  from the bottom of my heart and for helping me out carve a niche for myself. You can find all of them here. I know I am asking too much, but if you have a minute, please visit at least some of them and show some love. They work hard for absolutely nothing in return. A simple hi would make their day.

I have a release party today too. Again, a wonderful group of blogs have agreed to host me. Now that is awesome and I cannot wait to go skipping to all of the blogs. It makes me all warm inside with their love. Thank you all. It means a lot to me. Here is the list. Again, if you have a few minutes, please grace their blogs:

Blogs participating:

We also have a fabulous contest where you stand a chance to win a free Always You ebook. You should totally enter this contest. Click here to enter.

I also have to thank you all for being there with me on the blog. Blogging has helped me revive my writing and without your kind comments and encouragement, I could have never made this journey. Thank you all so much. You will always be special to me.

Special thanks to my publicist, Majanka Verstraete for working so hard in arranging all this. You are mind-blowing with your job.

OK. Now I take a deep breath and reveal something else.

Today is my birthday too! :D This day will always be remembered as it is both my birthday and my book birthday. And if you are thinking of a gift for me, its very simple - Just buy my book! :D I know, I am so shameless but hey, birthday girls can demand anything right? ;)

Below are the places where you can buy my book:

If you want a print book, then WEBSTORE and BARNES & NOBLE are the place to go. AMAZON will take time to upload it. Sad but never mind!

OK, that is all the self-promotion I am going to do. I will tweet and FB a lot about my boo tomorrow. So, please bear with me. Remember you cannot scold a birthday girl! Haha...

Wishing myself a very happy book birthday! Hope you all get a chance to read my book and enjoy it!



  1. COngratulations, and Happy Birthday! :) My, what a day!

  2. Congratulations and Happy Bday...:)

  3. Congrats and Happy Birthday, Shilpa!

  4. Congratulations Shilpa!!! It's a great feeling to see you as a published author. And what a wonderful day to release your book... we shall always celebrate your b'day with this little feat of yours that you have had always dreamt of. All the best... I hope "Always You" gets the attention it deserves and people know you as the author of Always You by the time your second book is out there. :-)

  5. Shilpa, I found you on Cecilia's blog. Congratulation on becoming a published writer. I have many books on my reading list, but I hope to read yours soon.

  6. Very late. Shame on me! But I have not forgotten the kindness you all bestow on me every day. Thank you so much for the wishes. It means a lot to me.


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