Mumbai Rains....

What is it about rains in Mumbai that brings out such happiness on everyone's face? Why are the first drops of those cool water passing through God only knows how many layers of polluted air on our face gifts us the purest joy one can imagine? At the risk of sounding like Ranbeer Kapoor in "Wake Up Sid", Mumbai rains are really something to experience to appreciate it. The strong cool wind on your sunburnt and moist face feels like heaven.  Just when you thought this might be the best thing that has happened to you that day, rain drops on your body prove you so wrong! Rain tops it all and you feel so blessed to not mind standing just there, rooted to the ground and get drenched, happily, in the water.

Well doesn't rain bring that joy everywhere? I beg to differ. Rains in Mumbai are different. No, they do not come from any other place up above. They come from the same tap that Gods decide to open up every year to probably empty their surplus. What makes Mumbai rains unique is that, in this city that never sleeps, rains are a beautiful excuse to stop for a moment and enjoy the precious gift of life. It offers a welcome respite to the hurried minds and grimy bodies and reminds us that struggles do get rewarded sooner or later.

Today, it's raining here. I smell the wet earth - the best smell in the whole wide world. The smell that reminds me that I belong to the nature. And rains, especially in Mumbai, remind me that its happy to have me as its child.


  1. I haven't been to Mumbai but have heard about the famous Mumbai rains... I am sure no city would be cherishing the rains as much as Mumbai where life fails to find an excuse to pause a bit till it rains, though I doubt if a part of the city does pause. Nevertheless, it must be a good feeling for the other part to hold on and take a look at the city that always runs at scorching pace and the rains that has slakened the pace a bit.

  2. Hey Shilpa, I am John's friend from Accenture and I would love to follow your blog, if you do not mind :-)

    I know what you are talking about in this post. I spend the first 23 years of life in Mumbai. Mumbai for me is a shining and living example of how to never let go inspite of any hardships that come your way and I salute the never-say die attitude of the city!

  3. Hello Mrunalini! How are you? Ofcourse, I do not mind...:)
    You posted exactly what I think about Mumbai. I started my career in Mumbai and in its own way, it has made me stronger. One has to live here to really understand what we both mean!
    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. I try to keep it updated. Well, almost try! :p So, please bear with me.

  4. Hello John,
    Sorry to reply so late but you know the reasons! Now I have all the time in the world! :) Yes, it is a wonderful excuse to stop and just enjoy the cool drops...but I would advise never to stand below a tree during the first would just come out wearing black no matter what you started out your day with! haha...


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